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We love taking old & unloved items and creatively breathing fresh life into them so that you can Love It Again.  Furniture and home decor available.

We do custom work also -

our piece or yours!

Contact us for details

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Stephanie S. 

Jenifer was so lovely to work with and helped create wonderful creations for our living room. 


Jessica W.

Jenifer's work is second to none. We bought an absolutely fabulous piece and couldn't be happier. 


Sharon B.

Omg!! I just put the drawers back in and felted the bottom after your delivery and the piece is stunning/awesome/

spectacular/ fabulous. The photos don't even ALMOST do it justice. The colors we chose were spot on perfection! You've got a brilliant eye, lady. Keep doing what you're doing. YOU stand out.


Ramona S. 

 I inherited this piece of furniture from my beloved grandmother. I took a huge risk and got Jenifer at


to refurbish it. I'm THRILLED with the outcome!!!!


Cari B.

We planned to buy one piece for our new dining room but ended up with two because we loved Jenifer's work so much.  Jenifer is super friendly and flexible, in addition to having great pieces!

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