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Japanese Inspired 4 x 6

  • This large, 6' x 4' silk screen came to us damaged and had lost its luster. We decided to give it a new glamorous life.

    We began by handpainting the background in several warm Jolie paint colors, and then artisitically applying a new ReDesign with Prima decor transfer. Additionally, we overlayed copper and gold metal leaf (a nod to it’s history), and décor paints & waxes. We believe those shimmery touches make this piece a true showstopper.  It is a stunner and one of a kind work of art.

    Not only can it be hung as wall art, but with it’s bi-folding screens imagine this as a lovely fireplace screen or ornate buffet top décor.

    Though not perfect by any means, our hands and hearts were poured into creating this original multimedia piece of art. We hope you will appreciate and treasure it for years to come!

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